About me

Iisakki was born in Finland in 1986. He already composed his first electronic tracks at the age of 10.
2000-2007 Drummer of the band "Radical Project" Mixing/Mastering of the DEMO-CD.
Pianist, Keyboarder and Bassist of "Mordiac Lunacies".
In 2010 he composed the title song for the Finnish bowling team "Kaatokerho".
In 2011 he produced the advertising music for the Finnish hotel "Korpimarja" as well as the soundtrack for the election video of "Jussi Sallinen".
2012 - Composer for the Finnish band "Mayday Plans" and master's degree in natural sciences (University of Konstanz, Germany)
2013 to 2015 Production of advertising music for the "Ramroid Studios" as well as composition, DJ-ing and music video editing for the hip hop band "OutOfOffice".
2016 Master's degree in natural sciences and music video editing.